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So, at this point, you’ve seen my work and you’ve felt my vibe, so what’s next? What’s next is I’m going to tell you what you can expect from me in this third wheel relationship. I like to think of myself as a glorified bridesmaid…with a camera. Yes girl, I will bring you Starbucks on your wedding day! but for real, i will send checklists and questionnaires and reminder texts and maybe even a couple surprises. Whatever it takes to ensure that we are on the same page every step of the way. And when it comes to your wedding day I will most likely cry as you read your vows, I will definitely get down with you on the dance floor, I may even whip out my party trick backflip if you get lucky, but most importantly I will be there for you, making your day as stress free as possible. While capturing all of the beautiful, the raw, and definitely the embarrassing moments on one of the biggest days of your freaking life! Woohoo! Oh, and I promise you that I will not let you have awkward t-rex arms. i will guide you through this whole process. so if you’re down for all of that. If you’re ready to swipe right. then please take some time to fill out this form. And I mean really fill it out! Love stories give me major heart eyes, so don’t leave out any of the juicy details or cheesy pick up lines. I want to get to know the both of you and all of your weirdness!

 The best ways to reach me:

  • email me at Haleydouglasphotography@gmail.com and I will respond within the day.

  • shoot me a text at (916) 996-6912 and as long as I’m not sleeping I will respond.

  • Chances are I probably won’t answer the phone so leave a voicemail and I will call back ASAP.


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Months ago I envisioned someone who would have the potential to take one single photo and turn it into a love story. I searched for months until I found a photographer that I felt could meet this nearly impossible task. Haley enriched our session enhancing dynamic details from questions she asked us to answer about one another, turning our photography session into a romantic experience in the freezing cold snow overlooking Emerald Bay.
— Derek & Alyssa