It’s me Haley!

Oh hey! My name is Haley Douglas. hence where I came up with the name Haley Douglas Photography. I’m a vibrant, thrill seeking, always smiling, nature loving, Pinterest addicted, shopping obsessed, Aquarius with a mad passion for Photography. I survive solely on Taco Bell and Tequila. And I may or may not be a crazy cat lady. I live in the beautiful state of California but love love love to travel. And plan on seeing all corners of this ginormous world by the end of my lifetime. When I’m not traveling or behind a camera, you can usually find me at home with my McDreamy, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and editing pictures. I am an introverted extrovert if that is even a thing. For all my fellow Enneagram lovers out there I’m a 3w4. And my love language is Acts of service. To sum me up, I will do anything in the world for my people. Being able to get to know you and your love story on a deeper level and getting to tell that story through my art is what sets my soul on fire. I have always been the crazy lady with the camera. Behind it, in front of it, whatever, I love it all. That was hereditary shoutout to my mom for passing her photo obsession onto me. I have had a “nice” camera ever since I can remember and I don’t think that will ever change. I started off my professional career as a dirt bike photographer but then found my true dream job in capturing love stories. and the rest is history!


Meet Scott!

Everyone, This is Scott! aka my second shooter. aka my assistant. aka my adventure buddy. aka my other half. aka my person. essentially he is the calm to my crazy. behind the scenes he (along side my essential oils and tequila of course) is what keeps me from losing my ish. so thanks babe! anyways, Scott is like an onion. He is very very quiet at first but when you start to peel back those layers and maybe get a beer (or three) in him…bammmmm out pops the real scott sexton. when he’s not behind the camera you can probably find him out on the boat fishing. Fun fact, he caught a 220 pound Tuna one time. His love language is words of affirmation. Alcohol and all things spicy make him the most happy. and he has a weird obsession with xxtra hot cheetos. i’m talking like four bags a day. i’m so lucky to have this little onion by my side!

Haley first started taking pictures of us when we were pregnant with our first child. She did such an amazing job that we asked her to shoot newborn pictures, family pictures, engagement pictures and then of course the wedding. Every single shoot turned out amazing and we had so much fun. Haley is very talented and has a great taste for location to capture the perfect moments. I would highly recommend her for every event in your life that you want to capture.
— Jesse & Tori
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