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Hello Lovelies!

Sit down and grab a glass of wine (or two) It’s okay, you’re planning a wedding, you deserve it! Now let’s get this party started. Photography is my passion and you are my priority. And i mean that! Anything you want or need I got you. I am here to document your fairy tale. I am here to make your vision a reality. If you want to get married on the side of a super sketchy mountain, down. If you’ve always dreamed of skydiving for your wedding portraits, count me in. If you want your wedding reception to be at taco bell…Major mood! I’ll be there. What I’m saying is this is 100,000% your day. I am here for you, the real authentic you. So let’s get to know each other because I am going to give you some beautiful and fun AF wedding photos that tell your unique love story.

xoxo Haley

Haley Douglas Photography was an amazing addition to our wedding day. Besides the photos, their cheerful spirits kept us going. Haley Was never panicked or worried. She had everything planned out and had the locations ready to go. Taking the photos was a breeze and so much fun to laugh and flirt with my new husband. They made us feel like the most beautiful couple in the world!
— Ryan & Azia

When you invest in your love, you invest in your life.


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I specialize in…


booty grabs, nose crinkles and alcoholic beverages!

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