The Desert Shootout

This post is geared more towards all my photogs out there! Scott and I got the absolutely wonderful opportunity to participate in a Desert Shootout today and wow! Let me just tell you Brianna Broyles puts on some of the best dang styled shoots in the game. I’ve attended one, I’m attending another in a couple of months and now I have been in one. They are all spot on amazing! So if you are looking to build your portfolio with some unique and beautiful images I highly recommend going onto and checking out all of the upcoming shoots! Okay, now I’m going to go on a mini rant real quick because this played a big roll today. Being in front of the camera for a change and listening to all the things that I’m constantly saying to my couples, being said to me was so weird but so satisfying at the same time! This is something I am always always doing because I am a natural hype-girl but I want to make sure you guys are too! Y’all it is SCARY being photographed, especially for people who have never taken professional pictures before and it is our job as photographers to take the fear aspect out of this. Pump. Your. Couples. Up. They are hot, they are awesome and they are madly in love. So tell them that, the whole entire shoot! Because if they feel scared or awkward or weird, that is exactly what they are going to look like in their pictures. And we don’t want that. We want to capture their love story! So end rant, I am leaving todays shootout feeling damn good about myself because these photographers made us feel absolutely confident today therefore got to capture our raw, authentic love! I aspire to make every couple I shoot feel the high that I am feeling right now when they leave their session. (Side note sorry I couldn’t choose 22 pictures I am wayy too obsessed!)