Rainer & Madeline

I am dedicating this post to the Hey Darling Workshop that I just attended because this is one of the adorable couples that spent the week with us in Sequim, Washington. Okay let me start out by reminding you that I am an introverted Extrovert so before I signed up for this last year, the thought of going to a workshop absolutely terrified me!!! Staying in a house with 20+ people that I don’t know…eeeeek! But I wanted so badly to attend one and push myself past that fear. So I watched all year long and waited for the perfect workshop to pop up. Literally minutes after Henry Tieu (Henry’s DIary) announced he was having his first ever workshop I knew this was the one for me. I have been major henry fan club since the day I started this journey and Every single one of my photography idols were going to guest speak there! I signed up immediately and it was the best decision i have ever made. being able to work side by side with all of these amazing creatives (not only the instructors but every single person there) was truly life changing. We laughed and cried and learned and bonded over tequila shots. And I am so beyond blessed to call all of them my friends now. I 100,000% recommend attending the Hey Darling Workshop for anyone and everyone looking to better themselves and their photography business!