Putting my big girl pants on and learning how to blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post! So, blogging has never really been at the top of my priorities list but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf (eye roll) that’s a lie, I am actually trying to be the best me that I can be for my business! And we all know that blogging is a huge part of photography. So starting now I am going to try my absolute best to get better at it. Not only will this give you guys a better chance to get to know the real me, my personality and put a voice to my artwork but it will also allow you to see a more realistic idea of what to expect in a session gallery. I will be choosing my favorite 22 images (Yes 22. Why? Because thats my favorite number and it’s my blog so boom!) from each shoot and posting them into my blog. I will also be throwing in some personal blogs and blogs for my fellow photographers every once in a while, as well! I figured what better way to start this journey off than some pictures from my recent Europe trip. Woohoo! Love you all and thanks for your unwavering support!