Danny & Jenn

Two months ago we camped out in Joshua Tree with these two after Danny proposed to Jenn in the most adorable way! And here we are back again finishing up another amazing weekend in “their place” But let me tell you what, their was a significant temperature drop since the last time we were here! Thank god we stayed in an Airbnb this time! We froze our butts off today. When I say I literally could not feel my fingers by the end of the shoot, I mean it! When I say I’m actually not sure how these two survived out there in a short sleeved shirt and a dress, I mean it! When I say the champagne literally froze mid-air as they popped the bottle…okay well now I’m over exaggerating a bit. But ooooooeyy their engagement pictures turned out amazing! We had such a fun weekend exploring Joshua Tree and I cannot wait to see them again on their big day! They already picked a venue and lets just say I’m hashtag obsessed! Also side note if you’ve never been to the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum you should definitely go check it out!